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Make Lumira Nuvali your “home sweet home,” not only for its generously cut lots, conveniences, lifestyle, nature and culture, but also for its top-of-the-line amenities and facilities that make it extra special.

Aside from its proximity to key places, including historical and culture destinations, it also has modernized but nature-inspired amenities, facilities and urban conveniences. The place features a pervasive park system inspired by an organic prairie landscaping. 

The residence boasts a central park and a 4-hec green space for neighborhood gathering and events as well as outdoor activities.  It also has a clubhouse, boardroom and two function rooms, which can be combined as a big function room for significant gatherings. 

Do you want to stay fit but no time to hit the gyms in Calamba? Worry no more! Stay in top shape at the residence’s very own gym where you can perform your daily reps and cardio training at your convenient time without going far.

After the workout, visit the juice bar for your tired muscle’s refreshment and brain’s relaxation. Meet some of the neighbors who also want top physical fitness. Speaking of fitness, the residence offers the community with sports and recreational facilities.  If you love sports like basketball, go and play with friends and new found ones in the residence’s very own basketball court.

There are also swimming pools in Lumira Nuvali: a lap pool and a kid’s pool. With them, you don’t also have to travel because a time for relaxation and swimming is within reach.

Alternatively, you can try cycling in the biking trail or jog in the park, either by yourself or with your loved ones.  There is also a big and wide play area for everyone to enjoy a lazy afternoon.

For your little ones’ enjoyment, get them to the play area and let them be kids!    Allow them to play with other children to develop their interpersonal and social skills at a young age.

Both kids and adults can also enjoy some time in the 1.6-hectare pocket parks, 3.9-hectare central park and a sunken garden. So whether you want to spend a walk, a reading session or simply togetherness with your loved ones and children, explore one of the pocket parks and talk things out, spend quality time or an afternoon of relaxation with the most important people in your life.

When finding an ideal property, security must be on top of your priorities to ensure that hard-earned property investment and loved ones are always safe for your peace of mind. Lumira Nuvali has two entrances: the primary and the secondary gate, each with a guardhouse, keeping everyone in the community safe and secured 24 hours.

There is also a community store in the property where to shop for your daily and convenience items.

Do you want to make a sound real estate investment that offers your money much more than its value? The Lumira may be for you! It is complete with all the amenities and facilities you’ll enjoy for a modern lifestyle. Parks, fitness facilities, swimming pools, clubhouse and a sunken garden, all these and more are what await you with a Lumira Nuvali residential lot property.

  • Main entrance with guardhouse
  • Secondary entrance with guardhouse
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pools
  • Basketball court
  • Outdoor play area
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